Blends and Brews - First Coffee Brand of UAE
The story of Blends and Brews Coffee Shoppe started at Dubai in 2006 with a passion of developing the first coffee brand of UAE which is promoted by the Thumbay group heeded by Mr. Thumbay Moideen. The company started with a mission 'Committing to pamper our valued customers by serving great coffee with friendly service and an alluring smile in a world class ambience’ and developed several blends with local culture and taste in mind. A blend of carefully nurtured high grown Arabica and Robusta beans blended with meticulous care to give you `the coffee lover’ an adventurous journey of rich flavor and aromatic aroma. The coffee beans, which are obtained from the cherries. are roasted to the perfection by one of our best roasters as per the desired roast, ground and blended by expert roasters. The roast is perfect, the blend is judicious, the grind is precise and the packing meticulous-en integrated and careful chain from the seed to the cup. 'Blends end Brews' presents to you a distinct and skillfully blended coffee, to provide you with a unique flavor, which is tasty to the last drop.

The blends and brews has Dedicated Research team to develop signature coffee beverages and Network to outsource the best handpicked coffee beans from some of the finest estates.

All Baristas [coffee makers] at our cafes are trained by one of the top barista of the world. It has already won the Best Signature Drink and offering a wide range of cold beverages to our customers developed to their taste suitable to the weather conditions

Interiors designed to match the taste of all age groups with music to cherish and Offering short eats and Desserts from different parts of the world to enhance the taste of coffee and also offering the best assortment of Gelato Ice creams at all our coffee shops. Blends end Brews also have e wide collection of Merchandise to suit the taste of coffee lovers by letting them brew their own coffee. The blends and Brews Empire will be backed by e n ever developing teems of well trained baristas through their BLENDS AND BREWS BARISTA ACADEMY. We at blends and brews Academy believe in this philosophy end we always strive to achieve excellence in all our activities. A competitive atmosphere and the availability of necessary recourses to convert ideas to reality. makes it exciting for any one who wish to pursue their career in the coffee industry.
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